How Does Hail Damage Your Roof?

Hail is a form of precipitation that occurs when air updrafts during a thunderstorm, causing a particle of ice around a nucleus. This ice particle slips below the cloud into freezing temperatures, where it receives more moisture and vapor. After another updraft, the precipitation freezes once again and hailstones come plummeting down. You are at danger of an injury if caught outside during a hail storm. Your vehicle, patio, lawn equipment, and other outdoor items are always at risk for potential danger and damage.

Your roof is one of the things that is at risk when it hails. Large chunks of hail can certainly poke holes in the roof and cause a variety of additional roofing issues. If you notice damage to the roof after a hail storm, do not wait to make a call for hail damage repair oswego il. The sooner you make the call, the less hassles you’ll endure. Plus, there is less expense involved when you make the repairs fast.

It is nearly impossible to detect the extent of roof hail damage if you are not on top of the roof. It is best to use the expertise and trained eye of a roofing expert to pinpoint the damage and determine what steps are best to take to resolve the problem. Some of the most common signs of hail roof damage that you should look out for dented gutters or dents in downspouts, damaged siding and window sills, and even damage to the AC or HVAC unit.

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Cost to repair a hail-damaged roof varies from one job to the next. If you carry a homeowners insurance policy, the repair costs may be paid by the company. Each policy contains different criteria for payment. Read your policy and speak to your agent to learn if hail damage is included in your policy coverage.